3 Good Reasons Why You Should Be Using VR in Your Listings Right Now

In today’s fast-paced economy, only the businesses that embrace digital transformation will survive on the market. And, VR technologies are crucial in that transformation.

It’s important to realize that the traditional sales and marketing tools don’t “wow” the modern customers anymore. Hence, real estate professionals looking for tools which help to create on-demand, personalized, and immersive experiences with their offer.

Did you know that real estate listings that feature more visual content like video receive 403% more inquiries compared to those without?

To become more reliable and make their listings more attractive, smart real estate businesses are investing in digital marketing tools.

Here are 3 good reasons why you should start using VR content in your listings right now.

VR real estate

1. You’ll save time and money

Real estate agents spend a lot of time organizing open houses or rashing between in-person property showings. Due to digital marketing tools, you can connect online with your clients and take them on a virtual tour through the property. Not to mention that digital content like 3D or 360 photography will help homebuyers get a better sense of the space.

As a result of delivering a fantastic user experience to multiple customers simultaneously, you will improve the online discovery process and save the time.

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VR real estate

2. You’ll build a strong brand

According to one survey, 92% of current homebuyers search the web before reaching out to agents or developers.

Creating a solid online brand is critical for building a competitive advantage in experiential retailing. And you can do that by investing in attractive visual content produced with VR technologies.

By delivering a memorable and personalized experience to customers, you will generate more leads and bring in more web traffic to your listings. You can distribute VR content in many different ways: on web-based platforms, and mobile apps, or in social media. It’s especially attractive on platforms like Facebook where it helps to reach more customers with your listings.


VR real estate

3. You’ll build stronger relationships with customers

Modern visualization technologies allow agents and developers show properties in detail that goes way beyond traditional photography and video.

How can real estate professionals show that their offers are genuine? By letting customers tour properties on their own or showing them 360° content. It’s key to differentiate yourself like this from competitors – that’s how you build trusting relationships with your clients.

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