3 Real Estate Problems You Can Solve with Digital Marketing Tools

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Inviting homebuyers to multiple investment presentations or organizing open houses may have worked a decade ago, but these techniques are no longer valid today. That’s why real estate professionals are turning to digital marketing tools that help to improve the online discovery process by extending it beyond internet listings.

Traditional sales and marketing methods present various problems to real estate professionals. Most importantly, they often fail to engage modern customers effectively.

Agents and developers use visualization technologies like VR, AR, 3D, and 360° photography and video to enrich their listings and provide homebuyers with attractive visuals to improve the selection process.

Here are 3 problems agents and developers can solve using digital marketing tools and visualization technologies.

Digital marketing tools

1. High operational costs

By travelling from meeting to meeting, real estate professionals waste a lot of time and resource. By turning to digital marketing tools, they can connect with clients online and guide them remotely on virtual tours of properties.

How to save your money with remote sales?

The case study SVP

Digital content like 3D or 360° photography allows presenting properties to clients in a natural way as if they were physically present in there. That, in turn, helps agents and developers save time and money on unnecessary meetings, all the while delivering a fantastic user experience to multiple customers at the same time.

2. Inefficient marketing ROI

Traditional marketing methods in real estate often fail to engage homebuyers. Did you know that 68% of current homebuyers belong to the millennial generation? That generation is known for its thirst for visual content.

Producing engaging VR content and distributing it on web-based platforms, in mobile apps, and social media is a smart move. It’s enough to invest in VR technologies to produce appealing property presentations. Also, distributing the content through various channels is sufficient to build an effective omnichannel marketing strategy.

Digital marketing tools

3. Lack of online brand

Branding is a serious issue for real estate professionals. Selling property is based on trust, and gaining the trust of customers is difficult today. Agents and developers who don’t invest in building a reliable online brand will miss out on the many opportunities the internet presents for building honest relationships with clients.

Creating VR content and distributing it through various online channels, you will generate more leads, bring in more web traffic to your listings, but also boost brand awareness and develop an online image based on honesty and trust.

These three problems are just the tip of the iceberg. Digital marketing tools can help you solve all of them.

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