5 reasons why basing your development process on technology is a good idea

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Every event presents great opportunity to meet with amazing people. No matter if I was at MIPIM, Proptech or any other conference, I met there quite a lot of companies selling innovative technologies. The majority of tech businesses don’t even know the development process of the investment. Still, they sell ready-made solutions with a big (often empty) promise that they work. Developers, marketing managers, heads of sales – they buy these solutions, even though they’re not aware of their whole potential.

Usually, technology companies don’t take part in implementing their solutions into the client’s processes. After the deal’s closed, real estate businesses are left to their own devices. Lack of the after-sales support, which would generate greater results from the technology, makes it just another tool in a real estate company’s process.

A one-time solution is not a solution

A plain instruction isn’t enough. If we pay thousands of euros for a technology we’ve never experienced before, we want someone who won’t only sell us this technology, but also will tailor it to our needs and help us implement it. Why should your brand new solution work only at one stage, either for marketing or sales, when with the right people we can make it work during the whole development process?

Use our solution from the beginning to the end of the whole development process. At design stage when we need to work out the common vision of the project. While securing all the necessary approvals from the city council and neighbourhood committee. When facing our investors and bank. During pre-sales, marketing and sales processes, as well as post-sales result analysis. Improve our process at each stage of the development, upgrade tools we use to make them even more effective.

I know from my experience that we’re able to accomplish amazing results only through constant collaboration and analysis of the implemented technology. It’s not a shoe shop where you make a one-time deal, but a long-term process which needs a professional support to work well.

Results are the key

Only by constant collaboration and analysis, the technology becomes not just a tool but an all-in-one solution running through a whole development process. That’s how we work with our clients – we not only develop the solution for our customers but work together at each stage.

With Onex & Related, we implemented VR into their sales processes, successfully reached over 90% of their clients and sold over 75% of the off-plan units during the pre-sales campaign. All thanks to a tight collaboration on tailoring the solutions to the client’s needs and delivering branded cardboard headsets to the potential buyers.

We repeated the success of Onex & Related with another client, Group Rogul. By working together on the best solution for their investment Quo, we successfully implemented the visualisation technologies into their processes. Just after 3 months, over 25% of their whole investment was sold.

Haven’t convinced you, yet? Here you have 5 more benefits that such collaboration with a tech company like us brings:

1. All-in-one solution

When you’re just planning your investment, new technology enables you to prepare all the materials for the further stages of the development. You’re able to create content for the presentations before the city council, neighbourhood community, investors and banks.

You base your marketing and sales materials on the 3D models and visualisations, creating a virtual experience of the investment. You will use these immersive, digital materials not only in your sales office but also at fair trades, events and on your website. What’s more, you can transfer your showroom online. That way, your customers will be able to have a remote meeting with you and experience your development the same way as if they were at the office with you.

Building your development process on technology creates a domino effect – once you implement the technology into your processes, you’ll be one step ahead with materials for your sales and marketing activities at each stage.

2. Improve your sales and marketing results

You are not alone anymore. There is a thing that is priceless that tech companies share reluctantly – their experience, even though sharing the experience with a client is what gives excellent results. How are you supposed to use the whole potential of a technology, when your provider didn’t even spare you a moment to introduce it properly to you?

The effects of our work come from our results. Sharing our experience delivers greater results than working on your own. This way, both sides know what failed in earlier projects. However, sometimes you can only guess how one element performed compared to the other.

How to make practically all your actions countable? You already use digital marketing. Mix it with visual technologies and you’ll have the perfect solution to get the results out of all your tools. Make data your secret weapon.

development process technology

3. Accurate analysis

One of the most significant advantages of new technologies is that it delivers you accurate and up-to-date data. Thanks to that, you can see what works for you best and what needs improvement.

For example, you’ll know how many people visited your investment online. How many leads come from the virtual walk-through, and how many of the visitors connected with your sales representative. If the web viewer of your investment is embedded in the right place on your website. Which implemented solutions perform well, and which need an upgrade. Whether your sales representatives know how to use the technology, hence make a clear sales presentation.

Selling out 100 out of 120 units may seem like a big success. What about those other 20 apartments? What if you knew that over 70% of your potential customers leave the presentation after looking at the kitchen, and the other 30% didn’t even want to connect with a sales rep? Wouldn’t it be helpful?

4. Cost-effective

There’s no need for physical 3D models, printing tons of brochures and leaflets or basing your whole presentation only on plans and renderings. Replace physical 3D models with your investment’s AR models. Swap printed brochures and pamphlets with digital materials about your property. Make an immersive, virtual experience of the investment to allow your potential buyers to feel the space of their future home.

You need to invest in the technology once and implement it right to have a reasonable ROI rate. Using new technology such as VR, AR, MR, XR or 360 visualisations enables you to obtain an accurate analysis. This analysis leads to constant improvement of both sales and marketing processes. Thus you don’t need to worry that any of your actions could bring you bad results.

5. Immersive

You can speak about the off-plan investment, see its renderings, plans, but it won’t paint the property’s whole picture. How can you understand the space the development offers when you can’t experience it?

Such immersive technologies as VR, AR, MR and 360 visualisations enable you to enter that space. No matter if your audience is the city council, neighbourhood committee, investors or customers; you give them the possibility to step right into your investment. You provide your users with an experience that resembles the real-life scenario of viewing an already existing property.

The audience focuses only on the experience you deliver them, so they can better understand what you have to tell them about the investment. The city council and the neighbourhood committee can see how the development will fit in the area. Investors and banks can estimate if allocating their money to your investment is worth it. Your potential clients can easily imagine how their life will look like in your property.

In short, you sell an experience, not a property.

Immersive effectivity

In writing, basing your development process on technology may sound idealised. In reality, investing in new technology and tailoring it for your process pays off. You get the wanted results. Your development process becomes smoother than ever before. The only problems to worry are labour and material delays, and weather conditions. Otherwise, you improve your development process with a systematic analysis and constant upgrade.

Experience how it can work for you.