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Millennials go online when looking for a perfect place to be their home. Even though they already had experience with house-renting, house-buying is a much bigger decision. Because of that, Millennials take care over what they sign in for so that the purchase was exactly what they wanted.

It may be one of the reasons why the house-buying process is so long when it comes to this particular group. They don’t put their complete trust in what they see online. Also, traditional content in the offerings like photos isn’t enough anymore. Millennials look for something that will stick in their mind. They won’t remember a listing that only differs from others in pictures and price for long. What they will remember is an understandable and appealing content that gives a clear idea of the property.

extended reality xr

New technology makes it clear

Real estate businesses shouldn’t fear using new technology in their strategies. Especially when they’re leading target group are Millennials.

There are so many tools that enable delivering a content appealing to this target group. Seeing as they are used to dealing with technology, they won’t have any issues with such devices as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality. Rather than a problem, the possibility to use such technologies will be a treat for them.

Besides that, these technologies deliver a memorable and transparent experience of the property. For example, a virtual tour moves the prospects into the place, and they can interact with it without having to be there physically. Such a priceless experience affects their later purchase choices and makes the whole process faster.

Both the prospect and the real estate agent or developer will benefit from the new technology. While the customer gets a real-life view of the property, the real estate business gains a trusting relationship with a satisfied client. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

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extended reality xr

Putting it all together into one app                                       

New technology extends to another reality. Extended Reality (XR) is the one that combines all the others. This one technology enables you to use VR, AR and 3D models in a single tool, which may be the best choice for those who want to deliver an even more in-depth experience of their investments to their prospects.

Just imagine implementing XR app in your sales process. Your customer already experienced your investment in some way on your website. They want to meet with you to talk and eliminate any uncertainty they still might have. In your sales office, you don’t have to stick solely to one technology to show them the place they’re interested in. XR is a go-to tool when you want to impress them even more.

When it comes to Millennials, they prefer to get new experiences rather than getting a repeat of the previous ones. Instead of taking them on another virtual tour of the property they already saw online, you can go for XR. You won’t need to worry about the materials with additional information about the property, construction plans or physical 3D models. You will have them all on your XR app, and your clients will have easy access to them as well. More than that, they will be able to interact with the virtual 3D models of not only the investment but also the whole city and the neighbourhood.

How does XR app work?

XR app enables you to:

  1. Showcase the city and the neighbourhood – scan a surface (i.e. floor or desktop) with your smartphone and highlight the key places and points of the area;
  2. Bring the off-plan investment to life with 3D models and AR – enable your prospects to interact with the property and look at it from every angle;
  3. Make VR presentation of apartments – after a 3D models and AR demonstration, take your customers on a customised VR tour;
  4. Let your prospects to compare apartments and choose their next place to live;
  5. Follow up with the offering directly from the app.

Just picture how such experience can help your prospects in their decision-making process and how much you can benefit from it. Indeed, a win-win situation for both parties involved.

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