How VR helps megaprojects find investors

In this article you will find out:

  • That perfect location is not enough to attract crowds to your destination
  • How to stand out from the competition
  • How to experience the raw beauty of Brazilian coast anywhere you are
  • What can be done next

Perfect location is not enough

When it comes to standing out from the competition, travel destinations face an array of challenges. Every destination aims to promote itself as the perfect location for your next vacation even though each leaflet and brochure tells the same story. What is more, they still invest mainly in the traditional promotional tools rather than in the innovations that can heighten the experience of the place more so online. Of course, each destination tries to attract tourists differently, for example, Dubai with its rapid growth, luxury, and modernity or Mexican developers with their under-construction largest artificial coral reef that is the part of their sustainability program. But soon, it will not be enough.

How to stand out from the competition?

The answer for that can be videos. Short promotional films give a sneak peek of what the tourists can experience once they go to the location – from the atmosphere to the culture to the people. With the perfect music playing in the background, the visual aspects of this kind of promotion are more appealing to the audience than what one can find in the brochure.

However, as Forbes accurately points out, Virtual Reality is the go-to tool to outstand the competition. Just like in videos, the tourists get to experience the place. However, virtual tours break the limits of a video and take the customers to that place, providing them a free demonstration of how it will be to walk those streets, among these people, listening to those sounds of street life.

360* tour of Eco Estrela to attract investors at the pre-investment stage


Want to stand out from the competition?

Experience the raw beauty of Brazilian coast

Travel agencies are not the only ones that can use Virtual Reality to attract clients to the destinations. For some time now, GREMI International, a capital group based in Luxembourg, has been using virtual technology to attract investors to finance their Brazilian project. Even though Eco Estrela is still at the pre-investment stage, the investors already can experience the raw beauty and serene atmosphere of the subtropical nature integrated into Eco Estrela.

The virtual tours are available on the Eco Estrela website (the web viewer reached over 40k views) and on the mobile app with VR functionality. GREMI International used the app at many conferences, i.e. International Hotel Investment Forum in Berlin and MIPIM trade fair in Cannes, and already signed contracts for 2 resorts and a chain of villas, worth over $5 million each.

Grzegorz Hajdarowicz, CEO of GREMI International, said:

“[Virtual Reality] works for me; it can work for you; it can work for the economy.”

What can be done next?

More and more destinations go for sustainability and being eco-friendly, just like Karisma Hotels & Resorts with its artificial coral reefs or Eco Estrela. The Virtual Reality can become a go-to tool to entice tourists and investors with the virtual tours showing the symbiosis of the investment with its environment.


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