How to Make the Most of VR Content for Your Listing

Today, VR technologies are more widespread, accessible, and user-friendly than ever. More and more real estate professionals use digital marketing tools and visualization technologies. Mainly because they provide a variety of materials like VR content that help to present properties realistically. With such content, agents and developers not only boost the attractiveness of their listings and improve the online discovery process but also build trusting relationships with customers.

But before you invest in the VR technologies, you should know that they never serve as standalone solutions.

Even if the vendor promises impressive results with a single implementation, that is usually far from the truth. VR content will bring you most benefits if it’s entirely embedded within your digital marketing strategy.

What does it mean in practice? That you should aim to distribute VR content to every single channel you use for reaching your target market.

Here are 3 content distribution methods to help you engage more customers.

VR content

Web-based platforms

Specialized online VR platforms allow real estate professionals to create portfolios which they can link to in all their other channels. The advantage of these platforms is that they usually have sophisticated web viewers and offer mobile apps as well.

That way, you can be sure that your content reaches both desktop and mobile audiences.

Additionally, web-based platforms connect agents to content creators, providing them with a full range of VR content including 360° photography or virtual tours.

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Mobile apps

Did you know that most traffic on the Internet comes from mobile devices today?

By excluding mobile audiences from your marketing strategy, you will be missing out on a huge and essential customer segment. Modern customers like to interact with content on their smartphones and tablets, so investing in a mobile app where you present content to your customers is a smart move.

Extra tip: If a mobile app is too costly, at least make sure that your website is responsive.

VR content

Social media

Another critical channel for distributing VR content is social media. Facebook is especially accommodating when it comes to 360° photography and video, so be sure to consider that when crafting your digital marketing strategy.

VR technologies are excellent at supporting omnichannel marketing strategies.

That’s why you should plan your distribution methods carefully to make the most of your investment in VR content.

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