Introducing New Tech to Real Estate Customer Journey

Customer journey. Something that all of us take part in each day unwittingly. As we interact with a company, product or service, we go through a customer journey. Designed specifically for the particular industry, it includes every single step that a customer can make leading up to the purchase, as well as what comes afterwards. Such a journey can be quite tricky to predict, especially in real estate. However, there are tools that can help prepare a path that a customer will surely follow.

A survey carried out by Coldwell Banker Real Estate showed a few interesting facts about the American customers looking for a property. Over 77% of the respondents would love to go on a virtual tour before going to see the house. And, 62% of Americans would turn to a real estate agent who has VR house tour in their offer.

If VR property tour works for American customers, why wouldn’t it work for the European clients? Here’s how it would look like when included in the customer journey.

virtual reality real estate customer journey


Every discovery process starts with a need. Clearly, in real estate customers need a new home or office. So, they turn to search engines where they browse through multiple offers that don’t differ much from each other. They use identical content, trying to catch the customer’s attention with photos and plans that are practically the same. Only the location and the real estate developer varies.

In the sea of similar offers, only something unusual will gain their undivided attention. New technology should do the job. Just imagine including visual content other than photos and plans in your offer. Picture the web viewer built into your offer, giving the customers the possibility to tour the whole property. This way, they can see every corner of the investment, enter whatever place they want and feel the space they’re interested in.

After choosing the property they want, they can contact an agent directly via email, phone or chat to schedule a meeting, either personal or remote. Whatever they like.


You already have a qualified lead – the customer saw your offer and wants to meet with you to discuss it in detail. What now?

Wherever your potential buyer is, you can show them the property without dragging them to the meeting. No matter if they can make it on the showing because of the distance or the lack of time. Thanks to guided tours, your clients can enjoy the presentation from the comfort of their house at any time. Talk them through each step of the exploration via phone call or chat, and answer every question they can come up with.


When meeting personally, you have two options: go on-site or invite them for coffee or tea in your innovative office full of newest technologies.

On-site meetings can be quite an experience when you’re equipped with VR tools. Armed with VR goggles and VR mobile app, you can provide a memorable experience. Take your potential buyer on a guided tour of the property, walk them through the flat they want to see.

Meeting in the office doesn’t need to be boring either. Undoubtedly, couples make the majority of your clients. Then, why should one person enjoy the virtual experience of their new home, when their significant other can keep track of their steps? Connect your mobile app to the screens in your office and let them see the property at the same time.

And then, give them full control over the experience. Let your clients wander around to get the feel of the space they want to call their home with the live commentary provided by you.


You’ve done all that was in your power. Your clients saw your offer, enjoyed the experience of VR tour, and you emailed them all the materials from the presentation. Now, you need to wait. Or rather, expect them to call you back to make the purchase.

Get a sneak peek of how it works.