New Technology Takes Open Houses To The Next Level

Open houses are quite strenuous, are they not? You need to get to and from a location, which means costs of transport – either of taxi or gas. There is always a chance of getting stuck in a traffic jam, losing your precious time and stressing out because why are they not moving?! Or, what if your car breaks? Surely, you do not want to be late, no matter if you want to buy or sell the property.

When you finally arrive at the location, you need to prepare. To bake or not to bake? You can always buy some snacks, but the smell of freshly baked cupcakes may improve your chances to sell the property faster. Still, there is a possibility that something will not go as planned and there will be some catastrophe in the kitchen.

Let’s not forget about the invitations! How many people RSVPed? How many of them will turn up? What if none of them will arrive and you will have all those cupcakes to eat?

However, it is just the tip of the iceberg. How many other things do you have to take care of?

Is There An Alternative?

Imagine hosting 7 open houses in an hour, doing it from anywhere you want and showing the property to anyone from all over the world. Picture taking a couple in China for a walkthrough of your property in New York or a young businessman in San Francisco through a house in Los Cabos. Envision doing it while lounging on a beach or at the pool of a hotel, enjoying the sun and a delicious drink. Scheduling showings with those clients who are a step away from buying your property and all they need now is to see it in reality.

A wish come true, is it not?

Open Houses

Virtual Open Houses Are The Answer

It is no longer a movie case scenario. You do not need to worry about the costs of transport or the limits anymore. Create your own virtual guided tours. Host 7 open houses within an hour. Meet with those who want to buy your property. Neither you nor your clients need to worry about leaving your children with nannies or grandparents or about the gas in your car, the traffic jams, or if you will make it on time for your son’s game or your daughter’s performance, or your sibling’s birthday party scheduled after the open house.

All of the above is now possible! As a result of years of experience, VR Global developed a perfect alternative to standard open houses. VR Global’s product is a platform dedicated to Real Estate agents, where they will be able to host multiple Virtual Open Houses without leaving their house.

Become even more reliable and efficient with the right technology that will help you to outperform the competition. Save your time and money and walk through 5 open houses in 30 minutes with our platform.


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