How to easily build a VR tour of your investment on your own

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Transparency, speed and efficiency are what modern consumer expects from the today’s services. Real Estate market is no different. Online listings should be effortless and provide a valid experience of a remote property to gain a trust of the modern homebuyer. However, the standard content and 2D photography provided on the offerings become unappealing and unconvincing, thus affecting the attractiveness of the listing.

Content as a determining factor

The more interactive and real-life content, the more efficient the promotion and sales. 77% of prospects would like to experience the property on VR tour before going to see it physically, and 68% of homebuyers would go to an agent with VR tour on their listing. Homebuyers don’t want to add another task to their to-do list when going through a discovery phase and researching what is available on market. They look for solutions that will save their time and limit their efforts to the minimum so that they can focus on more pressing matters. It gives real estate brokers the possibility to add a vital ingredient to their sales process making their listings and service to stand out.

The VR technology brings the solution

When done right, it makes the home buying process faster and painless for both the buyer and an agent. Neither of them has to set foot in the numerous investments because the VR technology enables them to tour them remotely. VR guided tours allow a real estate agent do their job from the comfort of their office, home or even a cafe, remotely demonstrating multiple properties to many prospects from anyplace at the same time. Such tours deliver reliable and memorable digital experiences to the customers.

How to utilise the VR Tour?

Anyvision is the platform powered by VR Global that lets you not only to create high-quality VR tours yourself easily but also utilise it through the entire marketing & sales process.

  1. Embed on broker’s listing website
  2. Embed on listings portals (eg. Zillow)
  3. Post on Facebook
  4. Show to your sellers when pitching listings
  5. Run in-person presentation to a potential buyer
  6. Guide remote property presentations for clients anywhere.

How VR takes open houses to the next level

Building VR tours is a piece of cake

To build a VR tour, you’ll need floor plans and 360° photos of your property. You can make such content yourself with affordable equipment or hire a professional if you need a superb quality. When you have all the materials, creating your own VR tour is a piece of cake.

Here’s how you can easily create your own VR tour on the platform powered by VR Global:

  1. Upload 360° panoramas and plans of the property
  2. Place 360° panoramas on plans to create vantage points of the VR tour
  3. Link the vantage points with hotspots to create a smooth path from one room to another
  4. Augment the tour with tags. Use text, videos and photos to add an additional layer of information and make the VR tour even more attractive.

Save, share, succeed

Building a VR tour is a walk in a park. After you publish VR walk-through you can easily share it with your prospects and use during the presentations. With the effortless process provided by modern tools like Anyvision, you can easily use VR for all of your listings.