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Real estate trade fairs are the place to show your investments to the potential investors and buyers. However, with the many exhibitions comes considerable competitiveness. You can have the highest prestige or the most luxurious projects among all the exhibitors, but it’s not enough to catch the attention of your prospects solely with that. The mundane and unattractive presentation tools can make you less appealing than what your competitors have to offer in other booths. Primarily because of the Millennials who became the new target group for real estate businesses.

So, how to make your stand the place that provides memorable and enjoyable experience ensuring that your prospects will go back to you when they decide on their new home?


Real estate trade fairs can be fun, too

3D models, fancy brochures, roll-ups, posters, and leaflets are not enough anymore. The new generation of buyers seeks new technologies. Why? Because new technologies provide limitless possibilities to present your investment in the most enjoyable, memorable and, most importantly, real-life way there is. So, after implementing the new technology into your sales processes, take another step and put it to good use on the next real estate trade fair you’ll attend.

So, let’s make your booth innovative!

  1. Put a display counter with VR Goggles or AR Glasses. If you use both technologies, have a table for VR and AR separately. Let your VR stand be full of branded cardboards that potential buyers can take with them. Your AR display can be a home for, i.e. the brochures or 3D model of the building so that others can have a sneak peek of what they will enjoy when they put the AR glasses on.
  2. Get a touch table! You can connect it to any screen you will have at your booth. That way, the prospects who will visit your stand will be able to enjoy a guided tour through the property with the person who experiences it via VR Goggles. Also, you can play a presentation mode after connecting the table to the TV screen. It’s quite eye-catching, more than simple roll-ups, so it can help you at the beginning of the event to gather the crowd.
  3. After you get those things, there’s time to make your booth comfortable. Let your prospects enjoy the experience on cosy sofas or pouffes in a quiet corner where they can discuss the possible purchase with your representatives.  

When you have your booth ready, what’s next?

real estate trade fairs

Success on a loop

Patience is a virtue, especially at the beginning of a real estate trade fair. Even though you have the advantage in the shape of new technology, the potential buyers will want to look through their options. Real estate trade fairs are for that, after all. But when you gather the crowd at your booth, make sure that they’ll want to come back to you when the decision time comes.

New technology can help you show your property in the most realistic way possible. The prospects just need to put VR goggles on, and they’ll step into the investment straight away, and will feel the space of it. They’ll be able to play with the 3d model of the building and go over its neighbourhood after putting the AR glasses. And still, it’s only a part of the experience. Your sales representatives will need to accompany them through the whole experience to tell the story of how their life will look like when they decide on this investment.

Also, new technology gives you the possibility to send all the materials to your prospects straight after the presentation. This way, you’ll have their contact details and their preferences in your database, which will be of help for follow-up and preparing special offers for them. So, use the event to get to know them better to be prepared for offering them something extraordinary that they will appreciate.

Don’t forget about the branded VR Cardboard Goggles. Thanks to them, your potential buyers will be able to take the experience with them to their homes and show it to their families. In the end, they also take part in deciding on where their new home will be.

Wait and see

As you already know, the new technology doesn’t mean that everyone will come rushing to your booth at once. It just means that you have an asset that you should take full advantage of. Just let your prospects enjoy it, and you just wait for the results.

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