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New investments and next stages of the existing developments aren’t the only things that real estate market lives off. Trade fairs are just as relevant to them as they are to any other businesses. Real estate trade fairs are the place where you obtain not only the base of potential buyers but also interesting partners. It gives you the opportunity to listen to the experts about new approaches, trends and innovations on the market. 

Here are 3 dates of real estate trade fairs we think are worth highlighting in your calendar.

13-15 March, MIPIM

Every year, Cannes becomes the European capital of the film industry. And each year, real estate market takes over the city as well, drawing the big players of the business to MIPIM. This real estate trade fair gathers real estate companies from all over the world in Cannes for four days. You can not only take part in over a hundred of conferences and exhibit your investments but also obtain top-tier investors and partners.

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9-11 April, The International Property Show

In April, you may think about going to Dubai. The International Property Show in the most significant city of the United Arab Emirates is the next stop for the international real estate businesses. At this real estate trade fair, you will meet the prime investors among thousands of participants. Last year, IPS hosted over 19,000 attendees from 141 countries. Just think about the possible partnerships you could obtain after talking with only a quarter of them.

2-10 October, Expo Real

The beginning of October brings us to Munich and the largest of the real estate trade fairs in Europe. There, all the sectors of real estate business have their representatives. Indeed, last year, there were over 2000 exhibitors from more than 30 countries and 400 experts speaking on the conference panel. Expo Real is worth your time not only for possible contacts but also media coverage.

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