Sky’s the limit with the right partners

Life in marketing agency can be demanding. Each project presents a challenge. What should a campaign look like? Will this strategy bring us the results we want? Will it be enough to stand out from the competition and win over our target group? Will our client be satisfied? And, will it help us to strengthen our position in the market?

No matter the industry, the campaigns need to showcase the promoted product in the best way possible. However, most of the clients that come to the marketing agencies want to go with the proposals that are safe and sound because they worked in the past. This means settling on a more traditional advertising and leaving the new and undiscovered possibilities for the big players on the market.

What can you do to give your customers new solutions for their marketing and yourself the possibility to grow?

vr ar mr partners

When marketing agency comes to Virtual Reality

Marketing agencies need to come up with newer and fresher ideas every day. Otherwise, their clients will go to their competition where they can get something better and more efficient. Especially those marketing agencies that focus on real estate, transport, tourism, hospitality or city/region promotion. They always need to be prepared to propose something that will sweep the agencies clients off their feet.  

Such technologies as Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality can help with extending and enriching the portfolio of the marketing agency. Just imagine offering your clients the possibility to keep up with the times and the ever-changing expectations of the customers. With VR, AR and MR on your side, not only will your clients be able to start positioning themselves as innovative but also it will boost the effectiveness of their campaigns.

VR, AR and MR can be your competitive advantage. Just think about trying to obtain the one brand that you wished to work with for ages. Now, these technologies can help you do that. They give you countless possibilities when it comes to promoting your prospects products or services. It can be a great bonus for your existing customers that could stand as one of many reasons to stay with you for another year or even more.

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A good partner is the only partner you want

However, to make VR, AR and MR your competitive advantage, you need to find the right partner who knows what to do with such technologies. Our partner program is something that can help you to level up from an agency to the agency. With our experience in new technologies and our proprietary software, you will be able to offer your clients and prospects the marketing strategies that are driven by innovation. We will give you the right solutions that you will provide under your own brand, and that can become your clients’ go-to tool in their business.

Picture the scenario when your client from Real Estate wants to find new ways to show their investment. They want to give their customers the feel of the space and the possibility to experience the finished product even though it’s still under construction. You can dwell on doing it the traditional way, but it’s not like you can walk through the property on the paper. However, when you have unlimited access to VR, AR and MR, you can give your clients just what they want. Show their investments in 3D, make their properties as real-life and tangible as they can be before the final stage of the construction. Then build their marketing and sales on that. Let them see how such a solution can improve their customers’ experience during trade fairs or even during a simple visit in their sales office or on their website.

vr ar mr partners

Let’s start the change

There are 3 steps to get VR, AR and MR into your offer:

  1. Application – you fill a short intake application form to help us evaluate your initial fit to the program;
  2. Interview – We will reach out to schedule a phone interview with you (1h). You will be able to ask any additional questions.
  3. Qualification – Get qualified. Expect the whole process to take between 7 and 14 days.

After that, the whole partnership becomes just a piece of a cake. You get the tools you wanted in your arsenal, we train your people and help you whenever you need us. To make it even more fun for you, we’ve made a game out of it. Reach certain levels to get a badge and unlock even more options and solutions.

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