Fighting the blurred lines in the project with the right technology partner

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Virtual Reality steadily makes its way into the real estate industry. More and more businesses consider investing in this technology or its related technologies, Augmented and Mixed Realities. These technologies add more appeal and transparency to the offerings, which is one of the critical factors for the prospects. However, not only the customers consider the transparency essential.

Particularly architects can experience how converting from traditional media to more advanced technology improves their work. Their projects need to not only be precise and immaculate but also fit in the aesthetic canons. The new technology such as Virtual Reality can be their go-to tool in that aspect.

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When we talked to architects and 3D artists to get their perspective, most of them often mentioned the limitations of designing in 2D. Working on traditional models has always carried the risk of making a critical mistake. Marking the right parts of the structure correctly and clearly on the plan may be deceiving. The same can be said about capturing the right angle or showcasing the project most appealingly to sell it to the prospects.

In contrast, 3D makes the design process more comfortable. The 3D models provide a better understanding of the structure an architect deals with. It also enables to feel the space, thus simplifying capturing the right angle and making every element of the construction visible. As a result, there’s a lower chance of making errors and also it reveals what can be improved in the project.  

Add to that VR or any related technology like Augmented or Mixed Realities. Combined with 3D models, these technologies enable you to clearly and realistically present your vision to your prospects and even get them into the design process. It also simplifies the whole project. Hence it becomes even more comprehensible and can be used in contacts with the end-client who will be able to understand it without any difficulties.

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When you have an appropriate software at your disposal, you can not only use it in your work but also sell it to your customers.

Imagine working with a client who isn’t a technical person. They only want to see how the end product will look like. Dwelling on the complexity of the structure isn’t their thing, neither it’s something that their prospects will think about. What they worry about is the visual aspect of the project. They need something that will attract their clients, something that will sell. Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Realities make your project tangible and life-like which can be a decisive factor in many cases.

When you work on our software, you can build 3D models, prepare initial design mock-ups that you can smoothly alter later on. It even enables your client to take an active part in the whole design process. The designs themselves become more understandable and transparent which enables you to tackle any problem at early stages. And whole design and approval process becomes smoother, which also matters for your client.

vr technology partner


There are 3 steps to get VR, AR and MR into your offer:

  1. Application – you fill a short intake application form to help us evaluate your initial fit to the program;
  2. Interview – We will reach out to schedule a phone interview with you (1h). You will be able to ask any additional questions.
  3. Qualification – Get qualified. Expect the whole process to take between 7 and 14 days.

After that, the whole partnership becomes just a piece of a cake. You get the tools you wanted in your arsenal, we train your people, help you whenever you need us, and send our clients who don’t have the tools to create 3D models to you. To make it even more fun for you, we’ve made a game out of it. Reach certain levels to get a badge and unlock even more options and solutions.

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