2018 – A Year When Virtual Reality Takes Over Real Estate?

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  • 2018 – A Year When Virtual Reality Takes Over Real Estate?

As a well-known saying goes – New Year, new me. It means plans, resolutions, changes, and it doesn’t refer only to people. Businesses take it to heart as well with new strategies and new goals to achieve. Such reports like the one provided by Coldwell Banker Real Estate can benefit the companies with the data that will make it easier to succeed in both aspects. Why?

2018 has barely started, and thanks to the Coldwell Banker Real Estate report we can predict that Virtual Reality may overflow the American real estate market. All because of the home buyers that want to experience such visualization technologies like Virtual Reality when looking for homes. 84% of Americans see video footage as a welcome addition to the property offers. 77% of respondents would like to walk through a house on a VR tour before going to see the properties. And a real estate agent with a VR tour in their offers would be more reliable in the eyes of 62%. The numbers say it all, don’t they?

real estate virtual reality

What is so appealing in Virtual Reality, though?

Every offer gives the same content – visualizations and plans of the properties, adding to that photos of the neighbourhood. Such materials were enough for the past generations of buyers. Now, Millennials want to experience their new home as realistically as possible. And Virtual Reality gives them that accuracy.

Put yourself in the home buyer’s shoes for a moment. Imagine looking for a home and coming across offers that use only photos and plans of the investment. You get the basic idea of how the whole property will look like, but you don’t get the feel of the space. There are specific details, like the square footage of the home, the number of rooms, bathrooms, where the kitchen is or if there’s a balcony or walk-in closet. And still, you can only guess how it would be like to live there.

With Virtual Reality, you enter entirely different dimension. There’s not only sight involved in this experience, not only plans that give a general outline of a flat or house. By putting VR Goggles on, you step right into the property. You can tour the whole investment, or you can focus solely on the property you’re interested in. But still, your brain processes everything you see and gives you the feel of the space. You can look at the rooms, imagine how the living room would look like filled with your family on a lazy Sunday afternoon, how you would work on a new recipe in the kitchen or how it would be like to sit on that couch while watching a game of your favourite team with your friends.

Simply put, a property comes to life before their eyes.

Go with the numbers and the times

With the numbers provided by Coldwell Bankers Real Estate, we can assume that the answers may look quite the same in case of European customers. You can stick to the old ways, but you can also treat your customers to a journey they won’t forget that quickly.

Find out the best solution to bring your property to life with VR