From bricks to clicks – why you need a virtual real estate sales gallery

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Why do developers spend on lavish sales galleries for their new luxury condo developments? It’s because of the buyers’ expectation. When the homebuyers visit the sales showroom, they receive a preview of what’s to be developed. The homebuyer or investor wants to experience model rooms and get a sense of the fit and finish before they spend millions of dollars purchasing off-plan.

As necessary as these lush sales showrooms are, they have shortcomings. Mainly, you can only display a few units in the gallery and you leave much to the buyer’s imagination. Additionally, your customer goes home with only a memory of your development and the trite goodie-bag including a paper brochure.

There’s a simple and affordable answer to overcome these shortcomings – a virtual extension to your sales gallery.  


A virtual sales showroom is like your physical showroom, just constructed digitally. Your buyers view the 360° renderings or images of all the unit types not displayed within your physical sales showroom. Not only can your customers see the investment within your sales showroom, but also they can visit remotely from anywhere in the world.

Here are the top 5 reasons to add a virtual extension to sales showroom:

  1. A virtual sales showroom in your initial marketing mix is an affordable way to show the buyer every unit type, all the amenities, and external views of your development.
  2. A virtual sales showroom is accessible online and through all your sales & marketing activities.  Buyers enter the showroom from your emails and eblasts, your website, social advertisements, a texted link, a QR code from signage and print materials, or even from a projection using augmented reality from your business card. It’s digital, so your buyers are one-click from a sales conversation with your team.
  3. A virtual sales showroom provides value to you from the concept stage to the approvals, design, construction, and sales phase. The virtual sales gallery enables remote collaboration and communication – your architect can meet you within the visualization of your project as easily as a prospective buyer.
  4. A virtual sales gallery allows your buyer to experience the project and their unit in immersive virtual reality, augmented reality, or mixed reality all from a single platform.  Instead of selling experiences, you’re using experiences to sell.
  5. Your buyers will leave your sales gallery with a virtual representation of their unit. Before, your customers could only show their close ones brochures. Now, thanks to virtual sales showroom, your clients can share their immersive experience with their friends and family.


Virtual sales showrooms will help discerning developers effectively convert their reach, increase viewings, and sell units faster. Using an online showroom, your customers are just one click away from an immersive experience and interaction with your agents. In fact, such a solution is the most efficient way to book follow-up visits.

Simply speaking, you can make your development widely accessible by moving a small portion of your marketing budget away from paper into digital.

Contact us and we’ll help you make your virtual showroom extension.