How visual technologies support commercialisation process in real estate

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It is no wonder that the popularity of visual technologies in real estate increases quickly. Finally, developers become more aware that they too can effectively implement technological solutions in their business processes.  

As it turns out, you can successfully engage such technologies as Virtual or Augmented Reality at every stage of the commercialization process. Moreover, if you implement technological solutions correctly, you can accomplish your goals quicker and more efficiently.

That’s why we build our innovative solutions have to be build based on deep analysis of your commercialization process. Apply new technologies only where needed the most, and you will obtain the biggest return on investment.

visual technologies commercialization process


Based on the experience of our Partners and Clients, we discovered that each stage of the commercialization process requires a different approach to visual solutions. The problems developers face at the concept stage are vastly different from those experienced by sales agents at the final phase.

For example, our Norwegian Partner BOB BBL was facing environmental discussions with local communities and city council regarding their investment. To help them, we decided to use AR, 3D models and interactive maps at the concept stage of the project. This approach enabled our Client to receive attractive materials showing how the investment will interact with neighbourhood very quickly. It also allowed BOB BBL save the costs of building physical mockups of the investment.

As the project progresses, we focus on more photorealistic materials and functionalities that will work in pre-sales and sales phases. Once the developer obtains a final 3d model of the building, we are ready to update the sales materials and add features that work best with end customers – photorealistic 360° visualisations and Virtual Reality.

The pre-sales and sales stages of the project are crucial for success. That is why we don’t want to leave sales and marketing departments with just beautiful content. For them, we designed a special set of tools focusing on:

  • increasing the number of qualified leads (Web-based solutions),
  • providing the best possible sales presentations in the office and during events (AR, VR, Touch).

All of the actions in our software are easily managed thanks to the comprehensive analytics system.

Thanks to this approach our clients are able to easier asses the risks facing the part of their business that requires presentations, from discussions with architects to closing deals in the sales office.


The final success of the commercialization process is determined by a handful of factors. Our goal is to harness just one of them –  the visual side of your project, so your organization fully understands the vision of the investment and knows how to use it to full advantage when the sales starts.

Contact us and we’ll help you choose the best solution for your processes.