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Agencies that sell existing properties usually include photos and videos in their listings. But these media types often fail to engage modern customers who are used to receiving on-demand, immersive experiences with brands and products.

The new trend of experiential retailing requires brands to provide customers with memorable and personalised experiences.

As the trend expands, only the companies that invest in customer experience will survive on the market. So how can real estate professionals ensure that their marketing message reaches their target?

Virtual reality (VR) technologies are an excellent entry point.

Here are 3 visualisation strategies you need to make your listings more attractive right now.

visualisation tools listings

360° Photography

As VR technologies have become more widespread, today they are more user-friendly and accessible. You can acquire the right tools to make 360° photography on your own and add it to your listings to present the space more accurately.

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360° Video

You can use software to combine these photos into an attractive video that will showcase every corner of your property. Naturally, you may also use platforms like Anyvision to hire a team of professional photographers and have them prepare 360° renderings in no time.

Thanks to VR content, customers will get a better sense of the space and view the property more realistically. That, in turn, will help you to build a brand that is based on trust and honesty – after all, the customer will know that you aren’t hiding anything.


visualisation tools listings

Distribute your VR content

Your next step is content distribution. VR content works best when it’s fully embedded in your content marketing strategy. VR technologies are not standalone solutions that will make your sales skyrocket on their own. That’s why you need to consider your distribution options carefully.

Your content can be distributed through many different channels, for example, web-based platforms, mobile apps, or social media. Facebook is the best social network – it supports and promotes 360° content best.

Here’s what marketing existing properties with VR looks like in practice

A real estate agent can log into an online VR platform that helps to find content creators. The agent can pick their most essential listings, create VR content and distribute it on the platform or in mobile apps. The agent can link to their online portfolio on their website or social media. Online VR platforms often allow agents schedule virtual tours with buyers too.

Don’t stay behind your competitors and add VR content to your listings.

Need a smooth introduction to VR?