VR Global Partners with Hoylu

VR Global joins Hoylu in a strategic partnership to offer end-to-end presentation, ideation and collaboration tools.

Hoylu delivers solutions for presentation, ideation, and collaboration that focus on enhancing the user experience. For the last two years, Hoylu has excelled in developing software for creative collaboration combined with intuitive input and display technologies. This includes technologies for the internet of things and remoter collaboration – connecting workspaces in different locations.

Hoylu and VR Global will cooperate in developing software solutions by integrating VR Global’s immersive content platform for virtual and augmented reality with Hoylu’s presentation and collaboration solutions.

“VR Global was an early mover into the market for augmented and virtual reality and have a very experienced and skilled team. Through this partnership, we can bring new innovative solutions to our customers that transitions into what will be the next big computing platform.” – Stein Revelsby, CEO at Hoylu

Andrzej Jonczyk, CEO Europe & Co-founder of VR Global, said, “We’re focused on delivering immersive technology solutions that solve real-life business problems and add value every step of the way. Partnership with Hoylu is very natural for us, as harnessing innovation is also a big part of their DNA and culture.

Through nearly two years of development, we’ve built features in our VR platform that allow adding layers of information, embedding external media or facilitate remote tours. Together with Hoylu we’re excited to work on what will be the next step in the space of creative collaboration and combining our strengths to deliver new, next generation experiences to our clients.”

About Hoylu

Hoylu delivers solutions for presentation, ideation and collaboration that focus on enhancing the user experience. For more information visit: www.hoylu.com or visit www.introduce.se/foretag/hoylu