VR brings a new meaning to the Real in Real Estate

Homebuyers come to the real estate companies to find their “dream” house. However, they need to go through many listings to spot the estates that fit all their basic needs. Then, the process drags on with numerous tours through the properties or waiting for the possibility to see the bare structure of the under-construction investments. That’s why Real Estate businesses start appreciating what Virtual Reality has to offer.

So far, the industry has significantly depended on standard content. In traditional brochures and offerings, the customers can find there all the information with the 2D photos of the investments. Such images often bear little resemblance to reality, therefore not living up to the client’s expectations. That’s why Real Estate companies become aware of the advantages that VR can give them, even though it is still evolving.

vr real estate


Nowadays, practically everyone goes online to browse through the upcoming, ongoing and available investments. The offers that they come across are full of 2D images, short descriptions and attached brochures with all needed information. That may make it easier for a potential buyer to visualise the property. However, it doesn’t provide them with what’s the most important – the feel of the property. Thus, it can lead to the client’s disappointment when touring the place later on.

By all means, the traditional online listings can help the homebuyers to verify if the property fits all their basic needs. However, it’s only a starting point in the home buying process.

Virtual Reality gives you the tools that will make the early stage of this process more fulfilling. VR content is known for its interactivity, which can improve buyers’ experience. Besides that, 360 photos and videos, VR tours embedded into the listing and VR 3D models make even non-existing investments tangible and real-life. Such authenticity can secure that the property will meet the client’s expectations.

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vr real estate


Virtual Reality makes the home buying process much easier and faster for both the buyer and the seller. The buyer doesn’t need to visit the property physically because they can choose the one they like the most by touring them virtually. VR tours with interactive floor plans and 360 photos enable prospects to experience the investment fully, hence seeing if it meets all their expectations. They can walk through the property on the VR tour embedded in your listing, or they only need to put the VR goggles on to step right into it from your sales office.

Touring the property in Virtual Reality at the early stages of the homebuying process makes it a memorable experience. The customers can feel the flow of the investment. They can imagine how their day-to-day life would look like in there and think how they could furnish it to their liking. With all that already experienced at the beginning, it’s more likely that your prospects will stop looking for other houses.

Also, you can use Virtual Reality for not only an existing investment but also a planned one. It may take time to build the property, but the prospects can already tour the final space at the early stage. That will make their decision process shorter because they won’t need to wait for the structure to be ready to tour it physically.  


Experiencing the investments in Virtual Reality gives the prospects the possibility to find their “dream” property. The buyers get the feel of the space, and can easily imagine how their day-to-day life would look like after moving in there. This “real” factor can make the whole home buying process a more successful venture.

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